Warner Music Global Showcase

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Virtual Showcase

The Challenge

How do you bring over 1000 employees, scattered across multiple time-zones, together in a hyper-real environment to celebrate the wealth of new and existing talent signed to Warner Music Group?

While faithfully translating the client’s vision into a live global platform, worthy of exclusive performances from some of the World’s biggest recording artists?

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The Response

We created a bespoke online hub where Warner Music employees across EMEA, North America/Canada and Australia/New Zealand could put their virtual hands in the air to enjoy six ‘Spotlight’ broadcasts a week.

A custom-built website whose look, feel, navigation and assistive visuals not only matched the client’s vision, but brought it to life by merging design elements with the broadcast content itself, to deliver a seamless visual experience. Design collaboration, build-quality, ‘Spotlight’ streaming and reporting were kept note-perfect, thanks to our Technical Producer, Content Producer and Creative Producer being on hand until every artist had left the building.

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The Experience

An on-demand, month-long global showcase giving every far-flung WMG employee a seat on the same front row to share show-stopping performances and content from the artists they collectively represent. And it wasn’t our first gig. We designed and built last year’s showcase too. Here’s to many more.

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300+ Hours Of On Demand Content
3000+ Users
24 Livestreams catering to all time zones around the world

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