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    Tiffany & Co. Gala Dinner

    Legendary, Since 1837

    National Gallery

The Brief

Tiffany & Co., world-famous purveyors of luxury jewellery and superlative craftsmanship since 1837 invited 160 guests from across the world gathered for a gala dinner to celebrate this enduring brand.

Event Concept, working closely with AP & Co. and Veevers Carter, were tasked with transforming the stunning National Gallery into a space befitting their stylish global design house.

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The Response

Artistry, innovation and dazzling design are elements that define a luxury experience, and we strove to use this knowledge in order to transport guests into the sophisticated world of the Tiffany & Co. brand.

Light bounced off the gilded furniture and immaculate glassware, complimented by the precise laying of each table setting. The result was a magical evocation of the style and heritage synonymous with Tiffany & Co.

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The Experience

We delivered this event with the creative spark, technical excellence, and fastidious attention to detail that is our specialty. The evening was a treat for all in attendance and Tiffany & Co. were celebrated in a space that matched the glittering brilliance for which they are known.

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