Save the Children Winter Gala

The Chronicles of Narnia


The Challenge

We were tasked with creating a seasonally fitting Chronicles of Narnia-themed event for Save the Children’s annual fundraising winter gala, raising money for their numerous charity projects.

Guildhall provided the venue and backdrop for our transformative scenic builds, which produced an all-encompassing and other-worldly environment in which guests could entirely lose themselves.

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The Response

To transform the Great Hall into the land of Narnia, Event Concept designed and built a 10-foot-high wardrobe, through which guests entered to begin their magical journey. Snow-covered trees lined the room, leading to the icy bar.

The main-stage was dominated by a bespoke-built castle that twinkled with lights and illustrations from the story. The evening came together in partnership with event specialists Private Drama, who helped to bring the vision to life with performers (and life-sized Aslan puppet) moving through the space amidst cascading snowflakes.

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The Experience

Guests enjoyed a highly engaging experience, which proved visually stunning - evidenced by the high volume of images shared on social media.

The annual Winter Gala offers guests the chance to step into a magical children's story for the night, reaffirming Save the Children’s commitment to the world’s children. Most importantly, the event successfully raised almost £1 million to support the organisation’s vital charity pursuits.

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£900,000+ Raised for Save the Children

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