The Greatest Showman

Natural History Museum

The Brief

With London’s Natural History Museum as a canvas, we were invited to produce an unforgettable private 70th-anniversary party for a corporate client, evoking The Greatest Showman film.

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The Response

A show-stopping party, that would transport guests to the circus – a world of wonder and spectacle where live performance fused with spectacular set design transformed the venue into a setting fit for P.T. Barnum himself.

Collaboration with talented acrobatic artistes from Beyond Repair Entertainment, floral styling by Lavender Green, and catering by Rhubarb, would deliver the magic of a night under the ‘Big Top.   

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The Experience

Like the ‘A Team’, we love it when a plan comes together, and this endeavour required myriad secret sauce ingredients to blend seamlessly. All the elements came together, to deliver the Greatest Show on Earth’.

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