A Colourful Evening


The Brief

Painthouse entwines beautiful rich colours with clever science to create non-toxic, vibrant paint. We were tasked with creating Painthouse’s 2018 brand launch. Our brief was to embody the Brand’s fresh ethos and create an immersive experience to both inspire and inform their guests. 

The event embodied the idea of playfulness and took guests on journey through the brands' colour book, showcasing different colour capsules through a series of immersive spaces.


The Delivery

Within East London’s Wimborne House the launch combined visual experience rooms. Lighting, sound, food and entertainment created a meaningful experience, embracing ‘a union of the senses’.

Through bespoke scenic construction we created six interactive stations, with each station embodying one of Painthouse’s colour capsule ranges, such as ‘Luxe’ ‘Fresh’ ‘Pastel’ & ‘Neutral'. 

Painthouse_WimbourneHouse_June_2018-56-low_res.jpg (1)

The Inside Story

The stations were distributed throughout the venue, allowing guests to explore the space and fully immerse themselves in the product and the Painthouse brand. 

The stations included; a ’Luxe’ area featuring luxury armchairs in rich colours and dressed with velvet cushions, a ‘Fresh’ station inspired by beautiful, bright colours in nature, and the ‘Pastel’ station which took the form of an ‘old school’ sweet stand. 


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