GUAP Gala 2022


Natural History Museum

The Brief

The GUAP Gala is an experiential awards show and gala that aims to celebrate creative excellence, highlighting key individuals and brands that contribute to the creative culture, but whose social impact is often overlooked by traditional award ceremonies.

This year, we were chosen to deliver this significant and remarkable event at the Natural History Museum.

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The Response

We brought the Fairy-tale and Folklore theme to life, marrying it with GUAP’s characteristic flair and glamour to give the guests an unforgettable evening in which creative excellence, with profound social impact, was recognised and rewarded.

Dramatic lighting and stunning florals from Veevers Carter cemented the fantastical atmosphere in the main hall, whilst edgy and contemporary audio provided guests with that trademark GUAP experience. The awards show was seamlessly delivered, as were the dramatic performances that punctuated the evening.


The Experience

Guests were treated to an enthralling fantasy with true expressions of drama and creativity on display throughout the evening. GUAP pride themselves on representing underrepresented groups and giving underappreciated talent a spotlight, and the GUAP Gala 2022 did this perfectly.

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