Fred Perry

Spring/Summer 2023

Fashion Show

The Brief

Classic designs and contemporary brand awareness came crashing together when Event Concept teamed up with Fred Perry for a catwalk fashion show celebrating 70 years of the Fred Perry brand.

Connecting clothing, branding and history, this fashion show threw a neon spotlight on the strength and heritage of the brand and the impact their designs have had throughout the years. Event Concept brought everything together to deliver this extraordinary show in a space which was practical, active, and unmistakably Fred Perry.

Fred Perry Model Walking Lights Blue
Fred Perry: Spring/Summer 2023 09

The Response

Through curated design, technical excellence, skilful models and outstanding Fred Perry designs, Event Concept was able to deliver a unique and memorable show. Our design was heavily influenced by the Fred Perry exhibition we staged at the Design Museum earlier this year.

Our theme was “Night Tales” and through active and dynamic lighting we gave the show the feeling of a dark and atmospheric club space. A geometrically lit tunnel provided the entrance to the space, welcoming guests to the front-line world of Fred Perry.

Fred Perry: Spring/Summer 2023 03
Fred Perry: Spring/Summer 2023 05

The Experience

Lighting was integral to the success of this show and in creating the appropriate aesthetic experience. Fast-moving strobe lights illuminating the models and hanging geometric neon design pieces made the space visually stimulating from every direction, while blacking out the audience allowed full attention to be focused on the Fred Perry garments.

The show gave Fred Perry the perfect stage for showcasing its history and allowed the audience to experience 70 years of the brand in its full glory.

Fred Perry: Spring/Summer 2023 06
Fred Perry: Spring/Summer 2023 07
Fred Perry Logo Head Fashion Model
Fred Perry: Spring/Summer 2023 04
Fred Perry: Spring/Summer 2023 10
Fred Perry: Spring/Summer 2023 12
Fred Perry: Spring/Summer 2023 08

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