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The dramatic Banqueting House offers two spacious, versatile venues for entertaining, networking or celebrating. When completed in 1622, the Banqueting House astounded London society, and it still has the power to dazzle and impress.

His majesty received us in a great hall newly built for public spectacles, royally adorned with marvellous tapestries and gold.

Venetian ambassador on a visit to Banqueting House, 1625


One of the highlights of the space are Peter Paul Rubens’ masterful ceiling paintings, which have inspired revellers, dignitaries and all who have gathered beneath them for centuries. King Charles I commissioned the Flemish artist to glorify his father, King James I. Installed in 1636, Rubens’ paintings are a celebration of James’ life and wise government and depict absolute belief in the ‘Divine Right of Kings’.

Away from the unique main hall, The Undercroft, once enjoyed as a drinking den by King James I and his riotous courtiers, is a perfect atmospheric space for drinks receptions and late night parties.


Make it Your Own

Whether it is an intimate private dinner in the Undercroft or a grand performance in the Main Hall we can work with you to make your event at Banqueting House truly unique. Our venue specialists can create your world set against the backdrop of Inigo Jones' palatial 17th Century architecture.

Past Event: English National Ballet

We were production partners alongside Private Drama and Rocket Food for this 'mystical evening of ethereal wonder', with whimsical characters entertaining guests before the curtain was pulled back to reveal a mesmerising performance from the English National Ballet School.

Past Event: BFI London Film Festival

We delivered the creative and technical production for the BFI London Film Festival Awards. An elegant reception in the softly lit Undercroft began proceedings, followed by a superb three-course meal in The Main Hall.

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Reception - Main Hall


Dinner - Main Hall


Reception - The Undercroft


Dinner - The Undercroft

Banqueting House Brochure

View and download the Banqueting House brochure by clicking the link below.

Venue Specialists

Our experts, specialists and technicians are on hand to help you bring your event to life at this stunning venue. Get in touch to talk about your event at Banqueting House. 

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