Unique & Unusual Venue Report Launched

Lime Venue Portfolio has launched a report giving an overview of the UK’s unique and unusual venues. The report shows steady growth in the sector, and includes comment from Mark Beaver, Managing Director of Event Concept.

The report concludes that the unique and unusual venue market must increase its leadership in the wider industry commenting that ‘it’s time for this sector to grow in confidence, grow in stature and continue to grow its dominance within the events industry.’

Baker Mckenzie - British Museum  -small.jpg

If you are holding an event in an iconic facility, it would be a shame not to unlock its full potential.

Mark Beaver, Managing Director - Event Concept

 The report, entitled Unique & Unusual: A Market Overview, was produced in partnership with event industry expert Tony Rodgers, joint-creator of the UK Conference & Meetings Survey.

The fact is that for over 10 years this sector has been creating incremental growth for the events industry’ comments Jo Austin, Sales Director for Lime Venue Portfolio. ‘Its ‘arrival’ is still happening, and new venues are constantly entering what is a diverse and exciting community.

The full report is available at