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28 JUN 2021

One month in: the 2030 Pledge and Plastic Free July

One month ago today, we proudly launched our 2030 Pledge: Our commitment to becoming a company that creates IMPACT WITHOUT IMPACT. We’re committing to be zero to landfill, being net zero in energy use and promising that our manufacturing process and facility will be entirely free of single-use plastic.

The team members’ support and dedicated efforts, even only a month in, are incredible. So far, we have formed partnerships with local education providers to donate wood off-cuts and staging equipment for DT and craft projects and are making our first delivery this week. (If you know of other local groups who could benefit from materials such as this, please get in touch!). In addition, our team members have made 33 individual pledges via Do Nation, including commitments to composting, sourcing local produce and cutting out disposable items.

We are still dedicated to producing high-quality, original and unique experiences for our clients and guests, but with the guarantee that we are evolving to recognise and attempting to reduce the negative impact this has on the world.


Building a sustainable future sits at our core - we are determined to innovate with conscience.

Event Concept Ethos

As part of our continued efforts, we have signed up to Plastic Free July. During the month, we are encouraging our team to make pledges and join forces to see how far we can come in cutting out single-use plastics from our day-to-day lives, and to document their progress via Do Nation. We will, of course, be sharing our efforts via our social media channels, and encourage everyone to join the challenge.

Want to get involved?

If you want to join the march towards a plastic-free future, follow us on social media to be inspired by the efforts we are making. For more information about Plastic Free July or Do Nation, follow the links to see how you can get involved.

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