Woodland Forest

27 MAY 21

Launching our commitment to sustainable change

Our 2030 Pledge

 Today, we’re announcing our commitment to a more sustainable future with the launch of our 2030 Pledge.

Our Pledge focuses on three key areas: Education, Partnership and Footprint. With a bold commitment to achieve NetZero, Zero to Landfill and to have removed all single use plastic from our manufacturing process and facility by 2030, our ambitious pledge demonstrates a dedicated focus to sustainable change.

Our 2030 Pledge

Managing Director, Adam Stanley comments: “I am not only excited, but very proud of the commitment we are making to a sustainable future. 2020 was a difficult year for the events industry but it’s also given us an opportunity to rethink and to rebuild with newly focused commitment to changing the way we work, reducing our footprint and collaborating with our clients on creative and innovative projects with conscience.”

As the live events industry begins to rebuild after a period of difficulty, it presents an opportunity to change the way sustainability is perceived. Creative thinking and new technologies provide a platform for radical change.

Kate Connell, Event Concept’s Project Director adds: “We’ve put our money where our mouth is and with our 2030 Pledge, we launch into a post pandemic economy with a new focus. The forced shift into digital has created opportunity to utilise hybrid events in new ways. If the pandemic showed us anything it’s that people need to connect on a meaningful level. Sustainability doesn’t equal boring. We can create meaningful experiences for our clients which create impact without damaging our natural world.”

As lockdown restrictions begin to lift, we’re excited about the future and supporting our clients in creating #ImpactWithoutImpact.

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