Inspiration: Lumiere London

Our Inspiration series has so far taken trips into the worlds of design, music and architecture. In this edition we explore lighting design. Event Concept began life almost 25 years ago as a lighting design company for events and to this day we continue to lead and innovate within the events industry; from our ‘living forest’ of neon tubes for the Elle Style Awards to our recent design, incorporating 100m of LED Blades, at Club Love for the Elton John Aids Foundation  

Therefore, it will come as no surprise our level of excitement to see the arrival of world renowned lighting designers and artists to our backyard for Lumiere London 2018.  Starting in 2009 Lumiere, produced by leading arts charity Artichoke, has transformed cities across the UK. For each Lumiere festival Artichoke invites international artists to create works that light buildings and public spaces, to evoke a change in the way that we think and feel.


From King’s Cross, through Mayfair, and London’s West End, to Trafalgar Square, Westminster and South Bank, Lumiere London is the biggest festival of light in London to date.

Lumiere London 2018

Having made its debut in 2016 this year’s Lumiere London is bigger, brighter and bolder. Across this weekend more than 50 artworks will re-imagine London’s architecture and streets, including some of the world famous venues we work in every week.

We donned our winter coats and braved the crowds on the festival’s first evening and here were our highlights.


Love Motion, Rhys Coren.jpg

Love Motion - Rhys Coren

Royal Academy of Arts

One of our prestigious venue partners, Royal Academy of Arts, will see their exterior transformed by Rhys Coren’s Matisse-inspired animation of two paper-cut figures who spend the evening kissing and dancing.

Projected across the facade of the building and accompanied by a bespoke soundtrack, the animation represents a big, warm hug of an artwork on an otherwise cold winter night.



The Wave – Vertigo

Riverside Walkway - Southbank

Heading south of the river we loved the immersive nature of Danish design company Vertigo’s The Wave. You can run, skip and dance through the installation and The Wave reacts with changes to light and colour, allowing you to co-create the evening’s experience along Riverside Walkway on the South Bank.

The Wave consists of 40 triangular, interactive, luminous gates, all of which respond to movement sonically and visually allowing a truly interactive experience.



The Light of the Spirit (Chapter 2) - Patrice Warrener

Westminster Abbey

French digital artist Patrice Warrener’s The Light of the Spirit was one of the most popular installations during Lumiere London 2016; and for the second installment, in 2018, he brings the facade of the abbey’s Great West Gate to life by incorporating sculptural details in his distinctive colourful style.

Westminster Abbey is bathed in colour and light, highlighting the architectural mastery of the building. The projection allows us to re-imagine the glorious statuettes of 20th-century martyrs. Usually perched unobtrusively on the facade above the Great West Doors, the figures are transformed into kaleidoscopic illuminations, a tribute to their lives in technicolour.

Warrener is recognised worldwide for his chromolithe projection system. His polychromatic illuminations on buildings give the impression of a spectacularly bright painted surface.



Waterlicht – Daan Roosegaarde

Granary Square – Kings Cross

Further north, amongst a plethora of installations, Daan Roosegaarde has transformed Kings Cross’ Granary Square into dream-like landscape.

Waterlicht seeks to underline the power and poetry of water by enveloping viewers in a virtual flood whilst contemplating its potential for the future. Can we build floating cities? How much power can we generate from the movement of water?

The effect is mesmerizing and when experienced holistically, by using your phone to tune into the accompanying soundtrack, the installation comes to life.


This is but a snapshot of the wide range of exciting and innovative installations on show at Lumiere London. We’ll be out all weekend exploring the illuminated streets and seeking event lighting inspiration for 2018. 

Lumiere London runs from the 18th January - 22nd January 2018 across London.