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4 MAY 2020

Five tips for an improved online event experience

We believe virtual experiences should be every bit as engaging, unique and seamless as their live counterparts and approach each and every online event with the same level of professionalism, creativity and attention to detail as we would an offline one.

As with every event, our focus for virtual events is to make sure the experience is tailored for the audience. From the choice of platform, creation and delivery of content through to levels of interaction and brand consistency.

It is the attention to detail which makes a successful virtual event stand out from its competitors. Here are our top five tips for an improved online event experience:

1) Home studio branding

Whilst a certain level of ad hoc presentation is expected under the current circumstances, there are some simple tricks organisers can use to give your presenters’ space a branding boost - from window and wall clings delivered to their doorstep, to remote home studio styling services via webcam consultation.

2) Doorstep webcast kits

To improve the audio and video quality of your host and key speakers’ presentations, a doorstep webcast kit delivery will allow our streaming team to take control of remote cameras and sound levels and deliver a professionally mixed show. Single man operated, kerbside broadcast vehicles can also help with poor home internet bandwidth.

3) Live show management

Speaking or presenting to a webcam is new to most people and when also throwing video content or slides into the mix, the result can severely impact on their delivery. Our live show management team can help with speaker coaching, pre-live rehearsals and content management, allowing your presenters to focus only on their content delivery and increasing their chances of captivating a virtual audience.

4) Security

With the use of platforms such as Zoom and Google Hangout exploding by several hundred percents over the past few weeks, there are some understandable concerns about the security of open platforms and the sharing of potentially sensitive information over these. Our platforms have all been carefully vetted and can offer several levels of end to end security depending on requirements and scope, including dealing with data sensitive markets and across global time zones and regulations.  

5) Event-in-a-box

Whilst a lot of events can gain great benefits of a virtual extension, some immersive events are still best experienced with some level of direct to consumer interaction. Why not extend the reach of your event with an event-in-a-box, delivered to your clients door step? A virtual cocktail masterclass can go a long way to moving a networking event virtually, and a coffee break snack kit for a morning conference can enhance and amplify your brand message even during down time – all fully branded of course.   

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