Lynx CDH 1813 HD-SDI > HDMI converter

Lynx CDH 1813 HD-SDI HDMI converter.jpg

These modules convert HDMI video to and from SDI video signal formats up to 3Gbit/s, providing a means to use consumer hardware, such as camcorders and TV screens, in a professional, digital, environment with no image compression. They all offer fibre input/output capabilities by means of optional SFP fibre modules. HDMI to SDI converters are available with or without frame synchroniser and analogue audio embedding. An SDI to HDMI conversion module offers, in addition, audio de-embedding and on-screen monitoring of data embedded in the SDI signal. The range includes designs for use with either unbalanced AES digital or balanced analogue audio. Modules may be used alone, or mounted in an optional rack-mounting frame.