Kramer 1:2 DVI distribution amplifier

Kramer 12 DVI distribution amplifier.jpg

The Kramer 1:2 DVI Distribution Amplifier is a distribution amplifier with 1 input and 2 outputs for DVI-D signals and is HDCP compliant for data copy protection. After re-clocking and equalizing the input signal to rebuild the digital signal to travel long distances, the amplifier distributes the signal to both the output ports.
In addition to a maximum resolution up to WUXGA and 1080p, the 1:2 DVI Distribution Amplifier supports a maximum data transfer rate of 2.25 Gbps. Equipped with EDID button for selecting and storing EDID information, the DVI Distribution Amplifier ensures plug and play operation for DVI systems.
The input and output LED indicators of the distribution amplifier indicate when the input or outputs are active. The amplifier is powered with a 5v DC power supply and needs 1/3rd of a 1U rack space for installation.