Robe Painte Hire

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We stock 16 Robe Painte units at Event Concept.

The Robe Painte delivers the perfect compact, quiet, quality profile solution for short to medium throw scenarios in theatrical, television, installation, live or corporate settings.

Whether broad brush strokes or adding the finest detail, the Painte delivers the master’s touch. Colours are boundless via the advanced CMY colour mixing system. From its compact frame, Painte punches way above its weight, with an impressive 14.900-lumen fixture output of sparkling, clear, white light.

Designed for noise-sensitive environments, Painte features the TE 310W HP White LED engine from our ground-breaking TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology. The high-performance engine gives you the ability to easily maintain light quality and consistency across your inventory.

The motorised zoom gives a range of 8° - 48°, perfect for short to medium throw applications.


  • TE 310W White LED Transferable enginer
  • Zoom range: 8° - 48°
  • Static and rorating gobo wheel
  • Full curtain framing shutters
  • Prism

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