Martin Mac Aura XIP

Martin Mac Aura XIP

We’re blown away by the Mac Aura XIP! With its cutting-edge aura filament effect and complete pixel control for video mapping on the beam, aura, or both, it stands as a standout addition to the MAC Aura family. What truly distinguishes it is its pioneering outdoor rating, achieved without compromise in weight, size, or aesthetics, thanks to Martin's ingenious outdoor-ready design.


  • Light output: 6,000 lumens RGBW
  • Zoom range: 6.3° - 50.4° 
  • Calibrated (CTC control: 1,000 – 12,850 K) and Extended Color Modes
  • DMX in, Ethernet in & thru, supporting Art-Net, sACN & Martin P3


Weekly hire £110