CCT Minuette Zoom Profile 21-36 deg


A versatile unit used for the medium throw front of house positions where hard cut off on the stage edge is required, or soft edge for merging of beams for on stage wash.The two lens zoom system is adjusted by the heat resistant knobs under the front of the unit between 21 to 36 deg hard edge, the soft edge range is greater. This beam can be precisely shaped by the use of the four retained (but removable when the cut out is engaged into the side extrusion) shutter blades which have heat resisting handles for easy use. As optional accessories there are a drop in Iris and for Gobo projection (patterns), a rotatable Gobo holder.To give a “Peaked” or “Flat” beam the lamp position is adjustable.The heat resistant rear handle and the ‘T’ shaped tilt locking knob give easy cool control when ad- justing the unit position.