Vodafone – Mobile for Good Summit

Projected Vision


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The Brief

Organised by the Vodafone Foundation, the Mobile for Good Summit showcased how mobile technology can be used to improve lives worldwide. We were tasked with the technical production, which took place in one of Tate Modern’s new Tank spaces. Our client wanted to embrace the unique features of these industrial, subterranean spaces, each measuring over thirty metres across and seven metres high.


As with most of the historic buildings we work within, we applied our expertise to overcome several challenges. Our main focus was to deliver a blended wide screen projection onto the large, curved walls for high definition background images and video. The final screen size was a huge 28m x 5.7m floor-to-ceiling canvas, providing a stunning backdrop for the day’s conference.

The response

Overall, having embraced the technical challenges, the event was a huge success. “It was a privilege to work in such an iconic space,” says Mark, “especially given the limited time that’s made available for events of this nature.”

The inside story

Mark Smith, Head of Audio Visual, recalls just one of the obstacles we faced: “We had to take into account the projection surface. The dark oil stains and engineering scribbles didn’t lend themselves particularly well to bright, high resolution imagery or PowerPoint presentations. Our solution was to cover the wall with white vinyl to provide a clean, crisp surface, giving images clarity and contrast.”



square metres of screen


headworn radio microphones


metres from floor to ceiling

The team

Introducing the experts, specialists and technicians that made this event spectacular. Their precision and attention to detail is what made this event successful.

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