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The Brief

The Vodafone Foundation were set to launch their Connected Education report, examining technology's role in driving access to education, and they entrusted us once again to create an event which profiled the powerful work they do across the globe. We produced an evening which celebrated the technology driving access, profiling endeavours such as Vodafone Foundation’s 'Instant Classroom,' a digital school in a box.

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The Delivery

With 45 minutes to go before 500 guests arrived at West London's Saatchi Gallery we installed staging & furniture and set up our wide-lens projection. The visually stimulating projection displayed across the galleries' spaces and profiled the foundation's work and provided an impactful backdrop for talks which included refugees sharing their stories of how connectivity has transformed education in their communities.

The Inside Story

The Connected Education report explores the transformational impact of connectivity and technology on education around the world under key themes including gender equality, displaced communities, digital literacy and empowering teachers. The report explores the impact of scaling existing digital learning programmes from their current remit, across Vodafone’s footprint.

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The Team

Introducing the experts, specialists and technicians that made this event spectacular. Their precision and attention to detail is what made this event successful.

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