Steampunk Themed Reception

"Starting with a bang"


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The Brief

2B-UK and Maritz travel, one of the world’s most experienced event management companies, were hosting guests for a weeklong tour and wanted to put on a welcome party that would start things with a bang. The Natural History Museum would be hosting and we were given the task of putting a new interpretation on a well-known theme, Steampunk.


The Delivery

With just ninety minutes on the clock Event Concept teams, encompassing 120 crew, arrived at the majestic Natural History Museum and installed 450 items of furniture, custom built Steampunk props, set up lighting and audio, and constructed a 16 foot bespoke bar. All curated across the three large spaces at the Museum to create an immersive and imaginative event, with a premium, beautiful result.

The Response

Director of 2B UK, Jeremy Brown said, “The team embraced the concept providing an energetic and creative approach which entirely nailed the brief. The venue was transformed with an inspired hand picked collection of eclectic furniture, authentic props from a bygone era, stunningly made chandeliers and an amazing Steam Punk bar - all contributing to the creation of an exceptionally unique and special setting.”


‘A brilliant night - with an exuberant team of people to make it happen.’

Jeremy Brown, Director - 2B UK

The Inside Story

It was a fantastic event for the team to design and create, with the client giving us complete freedom. We had a big team working on this Steam Punk event, including designers, technicians and carpenters, and only an hour and a half to set everything up.


Introducing the experts, specialists and technicians that made this event spectacular. Their precision and attention to detail is what made this event successful.

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