Sapinda - Christmas Party 2015

Another Level of Christmas


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The Brief

Sapinda is a highly successful, privately owned Principal Investment holding company. For the past few years, they have held their Christmas party at the Natural History Museum. In 2015 there would be no exception – but this time they asked Event Concept to produce the whole package. What’s more, they wanted the celebrations to surpass anything that had come before.

... to the fantastic light show for Bob Sinclair on the stairs – which was one of the best things I’ve ever seen at an event. I want those lights at every event from now on…!”

Michael Symonds, Director, Rocket Food Ltd

The Delivery

Our teams delivered the whole spectrum of services to create a stylish setting, from Audio visual and staging to floral design and soft furnishings. By working closely with the client we were able to create the high-end atmosphere they were looking for. But it took real work behind the scenes to apply techniques and technology that had never yet been used in the museum space – particularly with lighting.

The response

“Sapinda told us that the lighting looked absolutely amazing,” explains Chris. “For me, it’s certainly the most proud I felt of my work since starting work here. That’s because the end product was essentially exactly as I envisaged it and also as I had explained it. We didn’t have to undermine any of the design aspects, because our planning and teamwork had paid off from the beginning.”

The response

Lighting Designer Chris Hughes explains the challenge: “The client was very insistent that we created something new. From a lighting perspective, this was a massive opportunity to innovate. I thoroughly researched innovative solutions that hadn’t been considered before. We had extensive meetings in-house and at the venue to understand challenges such as limited storage space and tight turnarounds.”

The Team

Introducing the experts, specialists and technicians that made this event spectacular. Their precision and attention to detail is what made this event successful.

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