Legends of Football 2016

The 100 Club


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The Brief

The Legends of Football annual charity fundraiser is a fantastic event and one we have been lucky to work with for the past seven years. Producing a relaxing and enjoyable night out for high-profile guests whilst maximizing the money raised is the goal and this year’s theme was the Premier league 100 club.


The Delivery

This year marked the rebranding of Legends of Football from the Football Extravaganza so it was important to make the event different and give it a completely new look. Working in tandem with the Premier League we secured sponsorship from Nike for 344 footballs that were used to create the main display.

The Response

The unpredictable nature of the show means that anything can happen but our guests were delighted with the new look - and the atmosphere was electric all night long. The biggest success of the event is that another large sum was raised for Nordoff Robbins, with over £400,000 gathered on the night.


The Inside Story

‘This is one of my favourite events in the annual calendar and I am proud to once again have delivered the event to the high standard it deserves, and to have raised another large sum for Nordoff Robbins. We year on year manage to improve on this exciting show and I’m already looking forward to 2017’- Kate Connel, Producer

The Team

Our incredible team who helped make this a magical night and raised so much for charity.

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