F&F - AW16 Press Day

Bringing Autumn Inside


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The Brief

Fashion Brand F&F would be hosting a one-day, invitation only event at the magnificently contemporary One Belgravia to launch their new autumn and winter clothing range. Our brief was to create a design that would bring the natural world of autumn inside, with a contemporary, metallic twist.


"A fantastic event to design and produce with a great team in a great venue."

Kate Henshaw, Senior Production Designer

The Delivery

Organic yet geometric designs were combined in warm Autumnal metallics with stunning florals to create a warm and welcoming event for guests which was also interesting and unique in design. To differentiate the sportswear display space, we replaced the florals with neon-coloured string art to continue the geometric design, with an additional twist.

The Response

Kate Henshaw said of the event, “I am super proud of overcoming the design challenges with this event and the final result. I am especially happy that the client loved all of the main design elements so much that they kept the majority of the display elements as well as buying many of the floral ones post event.”


The Inside Story

This was a chance for our creative team to get inventive and it was a real pleasure to make a natural, floral and foliage based scene fused with a structured, modern and metallic design. These two contrasting looks were combined together to create a unique event.

Facts & Figures


silk flower heads




custom designed display rails

The Team

Introducing the experts, specialists and technicians that made this event spectacular. Their precision and attention to detail is what made this event successful.