C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards




The Brief

Bloomberg Philanthropies and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group recognise the critical role cities play as a leading force for climate action.

For its sixth awards ceremony, Event Concept was called upon to design, manage and produce an event that would celebrate innovative and impactful environmental initiatives from around the world, crafting an inventive, creative and seamless experience for this high profile group of guests. 

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The Experience

Our creative and production teams came together to dream up an immersive concept which would not only engage and entertain guests after a long day’s conference, but also inspire them post event.

Upon entering the contemporary venue Tap1, we immersed every guest in the world and values of C40. The design brought Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales to the ‘City of C’, a backdrop of illuminated buildings and wind turbines, Andersen’s iconic papercuts and Copenhagen’s famous bicycles. This crisp, modern design created a unique backdrop for the inspiring content and theatrical performances which were all delivered seamlessly through effective event management, creative event production and inventive content creation.

The Delivery

With a focus on sustainability, interactivity and entertainment, we created an experiential fairy-tale space where a fusion of Copenhagen culture, iconic structures from key cities from around the world, and the tales of Hans Christian Andersen came together to form “The City of the Future”.

Features included pedal powered exhibits, bicycle chandeliers and a 270degree wrap around, immersive auditorium design, which transported guests into a futuristic cityscape performance area where over 80 local performers came together to present a high energy, extraordinary award show.

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