Sophie Binns

Senior Account Manager
Sophie Binns.jpg

Hey! Can you tell us a bit about your role?

As a Senior Account Manager, it’s my job to make sure your event runs smoothly! I work with my clients on their requirements and then liaise across our technical production and design teams to ensure the event is successful. I also look after some of our venues, including the lovely Kensington Palace, so I spend a lot of my time on-site with clients and working at events.

Finish this sentence: I love the events industry because…

Every day we are creating something new! The industry is never boring, and particularly at Event Concept, where each brief is completely unique. It’s amazing to see the end product: whether it is a high tech conference or a stunning floral display for wedding. Each event gives us something to be proud of.

Prior to joining Event Concept, what did you do?

My love of events started at University, and I’ve followed this passion ever since. In my most recent role, I worked as a destination event manager. I had the amazing opportunity to travel around the world and handle large events in destinations like Florence, Stockholm, New York and LA.  

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to work in Events?

Learn to laugh and learn to love it! Some days will be tough and (try as we might) sometimes things go wrong. Enjoy the good moments and keep a smile on your face when things go awry, it’s the only way forward!

When you’re not working, where would we likely find you?

I’m a country girl at heart so I love a good walk through some muddy fields – ideally followed by a pub lunch.