Ming Veevers Carter

Creative Director
Ming Veevers Carter.jpg

Born in the Seychelles, Ming’s interest in flowers was sparked at a very young age, when at just five years old she would arrange posies from flowers collected around the island. After returning to the UK, Ming taught flower arranging at school during weekends when, acknowledging her innate creative flair, one of the governors suggested she turn her hand to floristry… Ming looked at local florists but felt disillusioned by the lack of creativity in the designs, instead turning to acclaimed and trendsetting floral designers Pulbrook & Gould for training in the early eighties. Ming then travelled through Burma, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia and Thailand, taking inspiration from her tropical surroundings and teaching floristry along the way.

In her early twenties, Ming consulted for a silk flower importer, travelling between London and China, designing and developing ways in which to make the silks look more realistic. By her late twenties, Ming had opened two flower shops, one in Chelsea and one in Fulham; however it was not long after she began working on floral design for prestigious events that she moved out of flower shops in favour of being able to create large scale drama and beauty within event spaces.

The installations Ming and her team at Veevers Carter and sister company Event Concept create now share more in aesthetics and attitude with sculpture than with traditional floristry. Ming consults on major floral designs not only in the UK, but internationally as well, where her love of sculpture and structure combine to bring life to breath-taking displays.

SO proud of you and SO pleased for you!

Amanda Wakeley, Fashion Designer