Kate Connell

Event Director

What do you do at Event Concept?

I manage creative output across the business ensuring that what we do is both in line with our clients’ needs as well as being on the forefront of event design and industry trends. I also manage our team of talented creatives, which I find incredibly rewarding.


Why do you like this industry?

There is always something new around the corner and there’s so much room to evolve, expand, and learn. The opportunities are endless and no two days are the same.


Prior to joining Event Concept, what did you do?

I have a degree in drama and psychology as well as one in technical theatre. Afterwards, I spent 18 months working in the West End.


Do you have any advice for someone wanting to join events?

Go for it, push yourself, step outside your comfort zone - in this industry you never know where that might take you.


When you’re not working, where would we likely find you?

With my passion for the great outdoors, probably on the south coast sailing or in Norway skiing.

The Legends of Football has been running for 21 years and we've used Event Concept for the past 9 years... in terms of technology, lighting, staging and the visual elements within the production, I would say that Event Concept are in a league of their own. I can't imagine our event without Kate!

Rae Peal, Head of Events, Legends of Football