Ashling Street

Events Coordinator

Hey! Can you tell us a bit about your role? Found this one tricky to write

In my role as Events Coordinator I mainly support the account management team sourcing venues and weird and wacky  items for their events. I also received new enquires and liaise with project managers updating our systems with the progress of all events. 

Finish this sentence: I love the events industry because…

There is always a creative element to our events. Seeing the designs and concepts come together, and having a part in that process, is amazing to experience.

Prior to joining Event Concept, what did you do? 

Before starting with Event Concept, I finished my MA in Architecture and moved to Australia for a while where relaxing in a Hammock become the way of life. When I returned to the UK I went straight into the Event’s industry and I’ve been enjoying every moment.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to work in Events?

This industry can be full-on but it’s like no industry I’ve worked in before. You’ll get to see amazing ideas come to life and a lot of the time be blown away at what can be created! The best piece of advice I can give is to get involved in everything you can and have ultimately fun!

When you’re not working, where would we likely find you?

I still have that travel bug and will always be planning my next adventure. Usually trying to persuade my friends or family to come along.